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Hello Beauties!

I thought we could take a moment to talk about one of the newest lines in our boutique… Bésame Cosmetics. Bésame make-up was inspired by the golden age of cinema and old Hollywood glam. The packaging looks like something that would have been on your grandma’s vanity and is truly something that you want to display instead of hide in your make-up bag. Every colour and product is a replica of a colour that would have been popular in the decade that the items are named after. The line has everything from lipsticks, glosses, brightening powders to cake mascara. Why do we love this line? Other than the fact that when we pop on our favorite red lipstick we immediately envision some of our favorite Hollywood starlets rocking the very same hue, the whole line is also natural, paraben and cruelty free! How amazing is that?!

Some of our favorite products:

The 1920’s Cake Mascara: For glamorous lashes just like Marilyn Monroe and Gene Harlow, it may be time to try cake mascara! Bésame Cake Mascara can be used on lashes and brows. It doubles up as an eyeliner. Cake mascaras last until consumed and offer increased sanitary protection. The mascara brushes can be cleaned with brush cleaner and leaves no bacteria behind. Cake mascaras were the first type of mascara available for women to beautify the lashes and we think still a staple in everyone’s make-up bag!

1941 - Victory Red Lipstick: During the war, the American military forces commissioned the first “Victory Red” lipstick to women in uniform. The bright, strong tone looked vibrant when worn with the standard-issue, olive-drab jacket and skirt. The caps worn by women in the armed forces often featured a brilliant red braid trim detail, and “Victory Red” also accentuated this band. A colour meant to inspire positivity and hope with the line, “Beauty as Duty”. The name of this shade references the Allied Victory in World War II.  The lipstick itself is in a gold metal lipstick bullet which is inspired by the lipsticks from the 40’s. The actual shape of the lipstick itself is also designed for form and function. Use the sharp edges to line and the flat side to fill the lip in with color. We are obsessed!

Pop by to check out this gorgeous line for yourself, we know you will fall in love!

You can also check out our Bésame Cosmetics segment on CTV Morning Live...

(Images courtesy of Danielle Tocker)


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