April, 28 2017Getting Married

So You’re Getting Married…


First of all, Congratulations!


Planning a wedding is SO much fun, but can also be super stressful. To help relieve some of that stress we wanted to put together some helpful tips to get you through your crazy, amazing, magical day!



Book your Make-Up & Hair


This should be one of the first things that you book especially if you are getting married in the summertime or on a day like NYE. Make-up artists and hair stylists book up very quickly during these times, so it’s best to book everything at least a year in advance or give as much notice as you can to ensure you get the team you want for your special day!



On-site or In Salon?


When you are booking for make-up and hair, you will need to decide where you will want to get ready. Often there are extra costs associated with your stylists and make-up artists coming to you as well you’ll need to consider things like making sure there’s enough room for everyone and adequate light and electricity for tools.


The Make-Up Lounge & Style Bar offers hair and make-up services conveniently under one roof making the experience stress free and super fun. You and your party can sit back and relax while being pampered by some of the best artists and stylists in the industry. We also offer a boutique of beauty essentials and can help you pick out necessities for your beauty emergency kit which we will talk about a bit later.



Do a Trial Run


We recommend doing a trial a month or two before your wedding. This way you can sit down with the people that will be doing your hair and makeup and discuss your vision for the big day. Feel free to bring in pictures to give your team an idea of what you like so that the they can then take those ideas and customize them to suit your hair and facial features.


Trials are a good way to see the entire look before your wedding, as well as help speed the process up the actual day because your makeup artist and stylist will know exactly what to expect on the day of.



Airbrushed Make-Up


We LOVE an airbrushed make-up application!!! It lasts much longer than traditional application does and gives the skin a STUNNING flawless finish and requires fewer touchups. It also feels very light, so you won’t feel like you are wearing a ton of caked on make-up! We recommend airbrush application to all our bridal parties.



False Lashes


Obviously, this is totally up to you and your bridal party but applying false lashes is like the icing on the cake. They make the eyes look brighter and they highlight the eyes beautifully. We absolutely love Battington Lashes in Monroe, Harlow or Zsa Zsa! They are a beautiful handmade silk lash that can be re-used up to 25 times!!! 



To Facial or Not to Facial?


Who doesn’t love doing a little at home spa facial?! There’s nothing better than putting your feet up and watching a Gilmore Girls marathon while you have your favorite facial mask on. Facials are great for your skin, they help purify clogged pores and eliminate dead skin cells. The key is to do the facial a week or two before the big day. But Why? Facials deep clean the skin and pull all the dirt and grime that may have been trapped deep inside our pores, which is a good thing. However, it may cause the skin to break out right after this deep cleansing process as a result. This is why we don’t recommend doing a facial right before your wedding or on the day of! Some of our favorite masks to try:


Indie Lee Clearing Mask - Help purify clogged pores and congested skin with this gentle yet effective detoxifying mask. Fruit acids help eliminate dead skin cells while plant extracts nourish and protect.


Directions: Apply product to desired facial areas; blend edges and avoid the eye area. Wait 20 minutes, then rinse with tepid water. For best results, use weekly.




Pack a Beauty Emergency Kit


Packing an emergency kit is essential because you just never know what may come up. We’ve put together a little list of things to pack in your beauty emergency kit to keep you looking fresh and picture perfect all day long!


Lip gloss or lipstick in the shade you’re wearing for quick touchups throughout the day. We absolutely love Elate Clean Cosmetics lipsticks and glosses! They contain essential oils that will keep lips hydrated and smooth all day long.

Becca Multi-Tasking Perfecting Powder - This is the perfect powder to help combat shine and gives a beautiful natural finish to your skin. We love it because if feels weightless and it’s full of vitamins A, B, C & E and has loads of anti-aging benefits!

Kevin Murphy Doo.Over - Pop a can of this amazing dry finishing spray in your bag! Not only does it have soft hold power, but it also helps remove excess oil and product residue from the hair. This is great for little fly aways or if you feel like all the dancing in the evening has your hair looking a little limp, a few shots of this amazing product will have your hair looking fresh again.

Bésame Decades of Fragrance Roll On - It’s always nice to have a signature fragrance for your wedding. Scents are linked to memories and emotions in people, what better way to remind yourself of your special day then to pop on your favorite perfume! Bésame has 6 mini roll on perfumes from various decades that you can choose from. They are created from precious oils and are the perfect size for touchups on the go! We LOVE the aromatic floral fragrance of 1940 which has bergamot cognac, rose and sandalwood.

Indie Lee Blemish Stick - You’re under a lot of stress and sometimes that causes your skin to break out. Fight blemishes on the go with this convenient little stick. Goes on clear under makeup, but can also be used over top so you can send blemishes packing!

Routine Natural Deodorant - Let’s face it…stress causes us to sweat! So, it’s always a good idea to pop a deodorant in your kit! We love these natural ones by Routine which contain only clean, wholesome ingredients and none of the toxic ones that conventional deodorants contain. The line has a formula and scent for everyone!

Extra Little Tidbits - A comb or brush to help touch up fly aways, bobby pins in case any fall out or you want to pin back some hair and lash Duo Lash Adhesive in case your lashes loosen.



Weddings are so much fun and you shouldn’t have to stress on your special day! We hope these little tricks help you look and feel your absolute best!


The Make-Up Lounge & Style Bar Team 



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